Saturday, July 23, 2005

But if you didn't know this Bowling Green is Home of the Corvette!!!

Of course there had to be a Corvette at the Edsel Show!!! Since the Corvette Museum and the Corvette Plant is located in Bowling Green!!! I thought this yellow one was sweet even though I think they ride like a road wagon in town but if you are on the highway not to bad of a ride but looks GREAT!!!The best Sports Car look you could ever have!!!!

Look what else showed up at the Edsel Car Show!!!

Extras at Bowling Green Car Show Today!!!

My husband saids this is the best car ever made!!!! So he was in luck!!! I took these pictures for him!!!

At Bowling Green Today!!! Comets and Edsels

More Comets!!!!


Car Show in Bowling Green, Ky. Comets, Edsels, etc.

Many More To Come!!! Car Show in Bowling Green is happening today!!!

Edsels! Edsels! Edsels!

Here are more pictures of the Edsel/Comet Show