Saturday, December 29, 2007

Our Garden Plans for 2008

April 20 - Average last day of Frost

Asparagus - Start 2 year crowns 4-6 weeks before the first frost.

Beans - Plant on April 20, Plant every 2 weeks, (Bush Beans - seeds 2" apart, Pole Beans - seeds 4-6" apart)

Carrots - Plant on April 1, plant every two weeks for continuos crop.

Collards - Start seeds indoors, transplant outdoors, March 15, continue planting every 2 weeks, very cold tolerant, can grow through a large part of winter.

Cucumbers - Start seeds indoors on April 15, transplant outdoors on May 5, plant 3 plants per hill.

Kale - Plant transplants in early spring, transplants should be 4-6 weeks old, plant 8-12" apart, plant up until fall, will grow through winter.

Lettuce - Plant seed directly in garden between March 1 and March 15 , thin to 8" apart, doesn't do well in hot weather, sow second crop in midsummer.

Mustard - Plant seed in garden on April 20, thin to 6" apart, plant again when weather begins to cool.

Okra - Plant seed in garden on May 15, thin to 12" apart, don't overwater - can cause pant to rot, harvest every other day when pods are 2-3 " long.

Onions - Plant transplants around March 15, plant 2-3" apart.

Black-eye Peas - Plant seed around May 15, thin to 3-4" apart.

Peas - Plant on March 5, plant 2" apart, keep moist.

Pepper - Plant transplants May 5, plant 18" apart.

Spinach - Plant on March 15, partial shade, plant in seed clusters 2-4" apart.

Squash - Start seeds indoors on March 1 or plant direct seed or transplants on April 10.

(I painted the paintings above, then I used the ArcSoft Collage Creator.)

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I used ArcSoft Collage Creator. The photo is one that I took when I went to Pawley's Island. It is a wonderful place to visit.

I found this site very interesting reading material.