Sunday, April 16, 2006

My Sister in Law's Cat

My Brother's Cat

My Grandmother and Grandfather

I painted a picture of my Grandfather and a Pencil Drawing of my Grandmother. My brother has both of them displayed. My grandfather was a farmer (He is shown sitting in his chair by his smoking table) and my Grandmother was the farmer's wife (She is shown sitting in her kitchen). She canned everything. They raised their own milk cattle, raised chickens, etc. Grandmother always had the prettiest flowers and she always had a great meal on the table.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Who hates junk e-mail?????

Junk e-mail has a new name Funnymail. It really makes me laugh that anyone could fall for this stuff. I got an Funnymail the other day from a company in Hong Kong well that is what they said. Of course, the first thing they wanted you to do was open up an account so they could transfer funds. It said, they needed a Sales Manager. If that doesn't put up a RED FLAG then there are alot of gullable people. Of course you would be working for them, well why do you need a bank account for them to disperse funds. They should have the bank account not you. It was really one big SCAM.
And what about the Funnymail that comes in with some kind of weird book readings that is way out there further that I want my mind to travel but in the middle there is a picture embedded with another advertizement to get you roped into buy stock. The crap is so strange I have to read to see if there is anything to comprehend but it is like swimming in muddy water. You can't see crap. They can't query on anything other than what they wrote as a book or story. So, it makes it had to weed it out as Spam. This goes to show there are loopholes in everything. You just have to do your research.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Your Long distance HELPDESK service!!!

I really liked the subject because it hits home in my field. It is really getting true to form in everyday life. We are getting so technical that it takes hours to get anything done due to impositions that are now being placed due to cutbacks. Time vs. Money????????????Where are the savings?????? The time it takes to get help calling someone in Tim Buck Two, get my drift. It does pay to have the knowledge at your location and not dependent on others who have absolutely no knowledge about your company and it's needs. Take a number and take a seat is usually the scenerio, That is if you finally get through and believe me it can take a while.

Tip: If you finally get in touch with someone the first thing you want to ask for is a call back number in case you get cut off or a reference number.

Anymore, the callback number is the same and you will have to go through every step all over again. Sometimes, they may give you an extension.

Getting cut off, This has happened so many times that it is ridiculous. The moment they put you on hold, is usually the time the communication stops and you have to start all over. You wonder, well did they really want to put you on hold or did they intentionally hang up on you. You will never know. When you call back of course you get a different tech and you have to go through the whole spill all over again. Believe me!!! It happens!!!! Unbelievable!!! OOOWeee just love those Cutbacks!!!!NOT. They are saving so much money!!!!NOT. If someone counted the lost production time due to Helpdesk long distance phone calls. I am sure it would add up to billions of dollars wasted due to Cutbacks.

Want to know The bad thing about it all.

So, your job performance is truly effected. It makes you look like you have not been doing anything at work since you have been on the phone for hours trying to get something fixed. (ex. Some says, "All, I ever see that person do is hold a phone to their ear:) and another ex.(Boss ask, why didn't this get done? Oh, I was on the phone trying to get something fixed and ran out of time), (Do you think they care or believe you, well no, they just want everything to be completed on time). The measurement of your performance can really be effected. Since everything is based on measurements nowadays. Why can't you make a phone call, state what the problem is, could even talk to an answer machine and that is all there is to it. The problem is out of your hands and a solution will be within a matter of hours. (The Perfect World). Of course, the Companies are told that it will save them money!! These Companies are being cheated because that type of service is what they think they are suppose to get.

This was sent to me from a cousin that got me flared up:
Most of us have now learned to live with voice mail as a necessary
part of our lives. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if God decided to install voice mail?
Imagine praying and hearing the following:
Thank you for calling heaven.
>> For English press 1
>> For Spanish press 2
>> For all other languages, press 3
>> Please select one of the following options:
>> Press 1 for request
>> Press 2 for thanksgiving
>> Press 3 for complaints
>> Press 4 for all others
>> I am sorry, all our Angels and Saints are busy helping other sinners right.

However, your prayer is important to us and we will answer it in the order it was received. Please stay on the line. If you would like to speak to:
>>God, press 1
>>Jesus, press 2
>>Holy spirit, press 3
>>To find a loved one that has been assigned to heaven press 5 then enter his social security # followed by the pound sign.
>> (If you receive a negative response, please hang up and dial area code 666)
>> For reservations to heaven, please enter JOHN followed by the numbers, 3-16.
>> For answers to nagging questions about dinosaurs, life and other planets, please wait until you arrive in heaven for the specifics.
>> Our computers show that you have already been prayed for today, please hang up and call again tomorrow.
>> The office is now closed for the weekend to observe a religious holiday.
>> If you are calling after hours and need emergency assistance, please contact your local pastor.
>> Thank you and have a heavenly day.
>> Pass this on if you wish to brighten some one's day.

Happy Easter!!!!

We are enjoying our grandson!!!! Everyone have a Nice Easter!!!!

For the one's that didn't see the link that I sent earlier of the Luke's hospital pictures, click the link below:

We are so proud!!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Our Grandson!!!

April 11, 2006, Taking a nap.

New Additions. The Family is growing!!!

My neice's babies. Aren't they sweet!!!

Dogwood Mania

These Dogwoods grow wild around here!

What wonderful flowers they have.

More of my Garden Wonderland

White Lilac first's opening

Butterfly on my Lilac Bush

The Daffadils are really nice, fairy like. I forgot what kind they are, just knew I liked them.

Spring is here!!! Hope you enjoy!!!

I really love to take pictures of nature. It is so relaxing after a hard days work. It just mellows you out once you start viewing. Well at least it does me.